Dev Blog 34 - No Way Amogus

Howdy! It’s quite late, and I’m quite tired, but I feel an odd sort of energy taking over me. If you’ll recall correctly, I talked about how I’ve been doing some Super Smash Bros. Melee modding in my free time. Well…

geez, that's a lot...

…”some” might be an understatement. It’s basically all I do outside of Rolled Out! work, now. These are all individual animations I’ve completed for a custom character I’m working on. Character animation is a lot of fun!!!

Maybe, after Rolled Out! is done, we’ll make a platform fighter. That’ll be the day…

Anyways, let’s jump into the update.

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Dev Blog 29 - Oops

Sorry about the lateness. I’ve been having some extraordinary personal revelations, among other things. But BitesDev is finally here to bring you the most wonderful news: It’s “Dev Blog 29” !

upy is not amused

I’m rather exhausted since I just finished my daily exercise routine. (It’s Dance Dance Revolution 1 hour, OK?) So we will just jump right into the update, if that’s alright with you.

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Dev Blog 28 - Get Coin

Once again! It’s the Rolled Out! Development Blog Update! Your host, BitesDev, is here on the scene. Are you excited? You should be. You will be.

Today, we’re going to be talking about *”Coin”* and *”Hole”*. But before we move onto that, we have to talk about the HUGE news that has been taking the gaming scene by storm. The news everybody is talking about. It was revealed so recently, haven’t you heard about it? Who knew a game that began with its roots in the indie game scene could have made it so far…

That’s right. Rivals of Aether Definitive Edition has released. Please, go check it out!!! This game is awesome, and it deserves so much love for being an amazingly original and standout title within the platform fighter genre. It’s even on Switch! There’s no excuse not to play it!

Huh? You thought I was referring to that new Smash Bros. character? I don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about.

Anyways, let’s jump right into the update.

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Dev Blog 27 - Crying In The Club Right Now

Hello to all! BitesDev here. It’s my birthday soon! You had better get me a really nice gift. I’m going to be turning 23! Or 24…? I’m not even that old yet, but I’m already having trouble remembering the exact age. When I’m in my 60s, I’ll probably be going around telling people I’m hundreds of years old.

Speaking of birthdays… did you know that it’s the 5th anniversary of UNDERTALE’s release? Go play it if you haven’t, yet! It’s a huge source of inspiration for me as a writer, as well as my sense of humor. I basically spent the last 12 hours reminiscing over all of my old UNDERTALE fan art with friends… listening to the concert… We all sat in a voice chat and cried for 3 hours straight, essentially.

Indie games are so cool.

Also, unrelated, but I keep accidentally uploading the blog posts with the wrong number and then fixing it immediately, because for some reason, my local folder structure has lost a number somewhere.


What a bother…

Anyways, let’s jump into the update!

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Dev Blog 26 - Timezones are haard

Hyello everyone, it’s CraftedCart here this time writing the little introduction this time. Despite the forces of chaos doing their best to try and distract us from game development (…hey, modded Minecraft is fun alright), we’ve been making a fair amount of progress! This dev update’s gonna be a little different this time round - instead of the usual progress writeups we gather from the team, we have something more audio-visual to please the senses. Please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience blasting straight into your eyeballs and ear-holes.

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Dev Blog 25 - Is The Witcher A Good Show? I Haven't Watched It So Please Tell Me

Hello, everypony! It’s me, Bites Devastation. Did you hear about that wacky new multiplayer game, Fly Gals? What’s the deal with that, huh?


Okay, I deserve that one. But for real - Fall Guys is awesome. I have been spending almost all my free time playing it with my friends! I can’t wait to see what kinds of new minigames they add to it moving forward. It’s given me a lot of fantastic inspiration, as well.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much to show this time around - we’ve just been focusing on some important back-end stuff. The kind of stuff which is kind of difficult to demonstrate visually…

But I suppose we can share what’s been happening nonetheless! Let’s jump into it.

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