Dev Blog 23 - Fashionably Late, As Always

Once again, Brandon posts the dev blog late! What the heck is that dingus up to?

Playing Beat Saber. Yes, really.

I’m loathe to admit it, but I struggle with my memory and ability to focus constantly. Consequently, I am sitting here at 1AM, banging out this dev blog that I should have had ready several hours ago. Thank you everybody for being patient and kind with me - I will try my best to return that generosity, going forward.

In the meantime, though… we still have lots of awesome stuff to share! Let’s dive into the update.

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Dev Blog 22 - Run, Run, Run, As Fast As You Can

Hello! I am writing this to you from Mars, because everything on Earth was making me mad, so I left. Technically, I uploaded this post 7 minutes ago, - it just took a while to get to you.

Thankfully, even though the latency is several minutes from Earth to Mars, I’m still able to play against others in one of my favourite games of all time, Super Smash Bros. Melee, thanks to Project Slippi somehow adding online play with rollback.

I wonder if some kind of rollback netcode would make online multiplayer with Rolled Out more consistent? Probably not. But maybe. No it won’t. Yes it will ❤

Let’s get into the update.

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Dev Blog 21 - I Actually Wonder If We Have Any Kind Of Character Limit For The Titles Of These Posts. Now Is As Good A Time As Any For Me To Find Out, I Guess - And Yes, I Am Capitalizing Everything Here Manually, We Don't Have Some Kind Of Auto Formatting To Do It All For Us. I Know It Isn't Correct Title Case, But I Do It Like This Because I Think It's Funny, So Get Off My Back

Have you ever seen a nonogram before?


It’s a simple, yet satisfying kind of puzzle to solve. You’ll be familiar with it if you’ve ever played Picross!

I’ve been surprisingly obsessed with them for the past week or so.

big nonogram

I wonder if I can find some way to incorporate a nonogram into a level. Yes, I can see it now… invisible floors, aligned with the blocks of the puzzle…

Wait, that’s stupid. Nevermind.

Let’s jump into the update!

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Dev Blog 20 - Everything Is Terrible, Except Videogames (Which Are Only Kind Of Bad)

Greetings! Everybody wants consistency and something to look forward to, so we’re happy to share with you the outstanding progress we’ve made in the past couple weeks.

I have two big announcements, which I’d like to make right away! First: we’re finally comfortable sharing our first public roadmap.

As we move forward we intend to add more specificity, and potentially shift items around. But we think this is what we’re ready to roll with! And to clarify, none of those features you see in ‘Future Releases’ will ever cost money. They will be delivered as totally free updates!

And for the second big announcement: this is a new ball you will be able to unlock in the game.

pumpkin baby

Just kidding.

Also, please don’t download that image to your computer - this is my only copy of it. It’s also cursed, and will manifest in your bathroom during the evenings.

Let’s jump into the update!

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Dev Blog 19 - Check Out These Drawings Dude

Would you believe me if I told you that I’m like, completely psyched out of my mind to be making this game?

For real, though. The feeling had, admittedly, fallen away for some time after the Indiegogo campaign wrapped up. I fell into a little bit of a slump - I was doing level design, but I wasn’t loving it. This was because, for some time, our progress had been frustratingly slow. So many levels had been made that I couldn’t even playtest!

However, as you all know, we partnered with Skymap not too long ago, and things have picked up. They’ve picked up tremendously. This update is going to be mostly focusing on the art side of things!

Let’s jump into it.

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Dev Blog 18 - We Know What We’re Doing Now

Fare eve to you. It’s Brandon, and I’ve been keeping a secret. But at long last, my lips are sealed no longer:

It’s time.

We’ve been aching to tell you about this for months, now, because it means a lot for the future of the game.

Are you ready?

Are you really ready?

Okay, I might be hyping this up too much. It’s not that crazy:

Our team has partnered with Skymap Games! They’re a game development studio full of really awesome people who are excited to help with Rolled Out, and I’m just as excited to be working with them.

To explain what this means for the project more concisely, I’ll let Skymap’s Managing Director, Neal Laurenza, take it away.

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Dev Blog F - I Don't Know Computers

Good morning/evening/night. My name is Brandon, and I have a secret to tell you. You might find this hard to believe, but I have been… playing videogames recently. Scandalous, I know! But I simply cannot help myself. My latest guilty pleasure has been Celeste. After clearing all the game’s content, I’ve taken an interest to speedrunning it.

Its level design and difficulty progression are of particular interest to me; I believe that Celeste is absolutely master class in these fields. There’s a lot you can learn by studying how Celeste organizes its areas and extra content.

This is actually a very thought provoking component of game design, I find. It’s important as a game designer to draw your ideas from many different places. Not just games you’ve played, but everywhere! Films, books, places you’ve been and things you’ve done. You will be able to solve problems in many different and better ways with that large breadth of experience and knowledge. Never stop learning and growing!

Let’s get into the update.

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Dev Blog 32 - In Base 4, I'm Fine

Ahoy, fellow traveller. ‘Tis a rare treat to meet another on this weary road. I take it you be searching for the Dev Blog? Well… I’ll be honored to take you to it, friend. Oh, foolish, foolish! I’ven’t even gone and introduced myself. My name is Brandon ‘BitesDev’ Johnson. Let’s set this ship asail.

…I’ll be the first to admit - that intro sucked, and this devblog isn’t a whole lot better. We’ve actually been working on something internal for the past few weeks, and have had little time to dedicate to practical progress on the game. However, this little internal thing may lead to a very, VERY interesting announcement in March. Let’s just get into the dev blog, though!

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