Dev Blog 18 - We Know What We’re Doing Now

Fare eve to you. It’s Brandon, and I’ve been keeping a secret. But at long last, my lips are sealed no longer:

It’s time.

We’ve been aching to tell you about this for months, now, because it means a lot for the future of the game.

Are you ready?

Are you really ready?

Okay, I might be hyping this up too much. It’s not that crazy:

Our team has partnered with Skymap Games! They’re a game development studio full of really awesome people who are excited to help with Rolled Out, and I’m just as excited to be working with them.

To explain what this means for the project more concisely, I’ll let Skymap’s Managing Director, Neal Laurenza, take it away.

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Dev Blog F - I Don't Know Computers

Good morning/evening/night. My name is Brandon, and I have a secret to tell you. You might find this hard to believe, but I have been… playing videogames recently. Scandalous, I know! But I simply cannot help myself. My latest guilty pleasure has been Celeste. After clearing all the game’s content, I’ve taken an interest to speedrunning it.

Its level design and difficulty progression are of particular interest to me; I believe that Celeste is absolutely master class in these fields. There’s a lot you can learn by studying how Celeste organizes its areas and extra content.

This is actually a very thought provoking component of game design, I find. It’s important as a game designer to draw your ideas from many different places. Not just games you’ve played, but everywhere! Films, books, places you’ve been and things you’ve done. You will be able to solve problems in many different and better ways with that large breadth of experience and knowledge. Never stop learning and growing!

Let’s get into the update.

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Dev Blog 32 - In Base 4, I'm Fine

Ahoy, fellow traveller. ‘Tis a rare treat to meet another on this weary road. I take it you be searching for the Dev Blog? Well… I’ll be honored to take you to it, friend. Oh, foolish, foolish! I’ven’t even gone and introduced myself. My name is Brandon ‘BitesDev’ Johnson. Let’s set this ship asail.

…I’ll be the first to admit - that intro sucked, and this devblog isn’t a whole lot better. We’ve actually been working on something internal for the past few weeks, and have had little time to dedicate to practical progress on the game. However, this little internal thing may lead to a very, VERY interesting announcement in March. Let’s just get into the dev blog, though!

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Dev Blog the 13th - Uninspired Joke About Jason Voorhees

I’m SO tired right now. Holy cow. Why do I always stay up so long before I write these?

I’m sure you’ve guessed that it’s Bites. This week’s dev blog is all art stuff. I can’t even adequately articulate how tired I am, but it’s enough that I won’t be writing any jokes this time around. All I have for you is this awful image that Laurence made a few days ago.

bad image

Let’s get into the update.

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Dev Blog 十一 - I Wanted to Write a Funny Joke About Depenetration But Then I Remembered Minors Read This Thing, So Let's Just Talk About How Much We Love Not Saying Curse Words

Good evening, everypony! Can you guess who it is? Can you, huh, huh, huh?!

Hold on a minute, you said… you know it’s me? How’d you guess so quickly?!

“Because you always introduce the blog posts, Bites, you nincompoop,” you’re telling me? I suppose that’s true!

I hope you’re seated comfortably and have prepared bottles (for general use) because you’re going to be here for a little while. Today’s blog update is bangin’! A bunch of our developers have contributed writeups on what they’ve been working on. If you aren’t very technically minded, do not fret! Most of what’s being discussed today is fairly straightforward.

I’d normally tell you about what I’ve been occupying myself with in my free time in the past couple weeks, but truth be told, it’s still mostly dance games and modding. Check out this dope score I got the other day!

my cool score

Oops, sorry - accidentally had it on the front facing camera.

my cool score

Anyways, let’s jump into the update.

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