2021 Rolled Out Go Fastathon

2021 Rolled Out Go Fastathon header

It’s time to shatter the sound barrier.

Hey, you, there, reading this. Want to win a cool, unique, and not for sale Rolled Out Shirt? Keep reading.

Mystery shirts

We’re holding our first ever leaderboards contest in Rolled Out! The official 2021 Rolled Out Go Fastathon! Many of our courses have been optimized to the ends of the Earth, so it wouldn’t be a fair contest. We decided that for the sake of keeping the playing field even, we’re going to run on the new levels added in patch, available in the “Basic” arcade course. 15 never before seen stages, 15 new chances to prove your speedy skills, 15 stages to optimize and perfect. Make sure to take breaks, and remember the wise words of Confucius. “Going faster than light will only leave you in darkness”

…he probably said that, at some point.
We’re still finishing up the shirt design. It unfortunately couldn’t be ready for our release date, so we’ll be updating this blog, our Discord, and Twitter with the final design soon.

So how does this work? Easy. First, you have to sign up here - this competition is purely optional to everybody. You then have to be on top of the time leaderboards for the new course by the end of the contest (2021-08-13). So sign up, go fast, and win some sweet shirt based prize wear.


The top 5 times on the leaderboard for the new “Basic” course, who have signed up to be in the running, will get a shirt, so get rolling out or be left in the dust!