v0.5.3 - The online leaderboards update

Felt cute, might upload our times later. It’s the long-awaited Leaderboards Update! Leave your friends in the dust as you rush through every stage at maximum speed! As soon as the update goes live you’ll be prompted to opt into the leaderboards. So opt-in and start running for your spot on the top of the leaderboards.
As always, your feedback has been instrumental in our development. So please, keep requesting features and reporting bugs via the suggestions chat in our Discord, and via our public GitLab!

Want to help out?

We’re looking for feedback on the user interface of the game - in particular, to improve the practise menu, but we’re also gathering feedback on other sections too. If you don’t mind sparing five minutes, shooting over your thoughts over at https://airtable.com/shrzEsNrzrrgYdV5U would be much appreciated!

  • Uses stage config v0.3.0
  • Uses course config v0.1.0


  • Online leaderboards now exist
    • Log in with steam
    • Submit times/scores for stages and courses
    • View top times/scores for stages during gameplay (There’s a new option to view a mini leaderboard in-gameplay, defaulted to off)
    • You’ll be asked if you want to participate in the leaderboards on first launch after the update
    • View leaderboards at https://scores.rolledoutgame.com
  • Animal voices get their own volume slider now, instead of being grouped in with the announcer volume
  • The timer now plays a ticking sound every second
  • If the game suspects you managed to get into a softlock position, you will now be prompted to pause and restart the stage
  • The UI now has various hover and press sound effects
    • If you don’t like these, they have their own volume slider too
  • There’s a new accessibility option to always show the ball trajectory


  • The customization UI has been reworked to fit in with the rest of the game’s style
  • Camera turn multiplier can only be set to a limited handful of fixed values now
  • The default stage tilt multiplier was changed from 0.65 to 0.6


  • The texture mishap in 4-D has been fixed
  • Fixed specular in Touch Activation
  • Fixed goal collision in the Desolation world
  • Fixed collision issue in Frantic
  • Fixed misaligned spawn and goal locations in Peek-A-Boo
  • Fixed Unreality world lighting
  • Various UI quirks have been fixed
    • Scroll bar handles no longer extend past the end of their background