Dev Blog 2.828427² - Is This Thing Even On?

I greet you with a little dance as you tune into this dev blog. It’s very awkward, and you take note of the fact that I don’t seem to really understand how to use my legs.

Hi! It’s me, Bites. As of late, I’ve been a total dancing FIEND. I’ve been playing Dance Dance Revolution multiple times per week, and I’m becoming so strong and powerful that soon nothing will be able to stop me. I’m even planning on building my own dancepad!


I doubt we could build a rhythm-based party game for Rolled Out! that would work very well, but it’s something fun to think about. If you can think of something that would fit the game well, be sure to throw your ideas into the #suggestions channel in our official Discord server!

Let’s blast right into the update.

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Dev Blog 3+4 - We're All Connected In This Love

A magical day to you! It’s me, Brandon “Bites ‘The Smartest Gamer’ Dev” Johnson, as ever and as always.

BLALAKUZOOM! I’ve just cast a spell upon you, which will slowly rewrite your memories so that in every fond moment you’ve ever shared with an animal, you will experience it from their point of view and be extremely uncomfortable with your original self.

I’ve been rather obsessed with magic, lately! I’ve recently been playing an extremely fun new roguelite called ‘Noita’, where you play a spellcasting wizard.

It’s very difficult, but its expansive world and deep, interwoven mechanics keep me coming back for more. How could we apply some of these ideas to Rolled Out! hypothetically…?

Maybe we’ll give one of the characters a magical wand. Woohoo!

Let’s get into the update.

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Dev Blog Half-A-Dozen - Crane Your Neck Over Here, Please

AAaaahhh!!! Who’s there?!

Oh, it’s just you? I’m sorry, but I’ve been just so wound up lately. For some reason, everything around here has been decorated with such spooky affair. Spiders, ghouls, and creepy faces carved right into pumpkins. What’s the meaning behind all of it, I wonder? A mystery we will take to our graves, I’m sure.

I’ll go ahead and move on from these unsettling matters! I’m sure you’d like to know what we’ve been up to the past couple weeks.

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Dev Blog The Fifth - Nothing Special, No Sirree

Greetings. As you know, it’s Bites. This is the dev update.

My apologies for the somber tone. I have been playing Minecraft recently, and I suffered a great loss…

Racecar's Grave

While we’re on the subject, I wonder if there’s anything fun from Minecraft that could fit well in Rolled Out…?

Maybe we can have a party game where the floor is made of blocks that fall out from behind you while you roll.

Yes, yes! Thinking about it is already helping me move past this grief. You won’t be forgotten, Racecar!!!

Let’s jump into the update.

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Dev Blog IV - The Chicken Came Home to Roost

Howdy! It’s me, Bites, your partner in crime and long-time lover.

Huh? What did you say? Something along the lines of, “That’s completely, utterly wrong!” is what I think I heard.
You’re telling me I bought this basket of apples with our initials carved into them for no reason?

Well, that’s alright. We still have plenty of time for our relationship to blossom! But in the meantime, I’d like to talk about what’s been going on behind the scenes with Rolled Out! It’s been a slow couple weeks, though…

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Dev Blog 3 - We're late!!!

Hi, everybody! It’s me, Bites. I just bought Katamari Damacy Rerolled the other day, and I had a blast playing through it, but… before I knew it, it was over. I want more!

Maybe we can have a Katamari-esque party game in Rolled Out…? Well, even if we don’t do anything like that, you could probably make something using Lua.

Anyways, did you notice? Did you see? We’re on a whole new website!

…sorry, come again? You said something like,
“Show us the update! Stop stalling!” and then started hitting me with a stick?

Well, I can’t argue with that kind of excitement. Let’s get into it.

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Dev Blog #2 - Onward we go.

Welcome back!

The last couple weeks have been quite productive. I’d put more jokes into this post, but I’ve had a long day - give me a break!! I’m going to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. I can’t say whether my compatriots will do the same, though… apparently, they’ve both made enormous writeups, with lots of juicy details.

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Rolled Out! Dev Blog #1

Starting today, we’re going to be posting an update on our development progress twice a month - once on the 15th, and again at the end of the month. Since we’re crowdfunded, it’s important to be transparent with our supporters!

Let’s jump right into it, with a writeup from one of our developers, CraftedCart.

The Big Cleanup

When we initially began work on developing the game, neither me or Brandon (the only two people on the team at the time) had much experience working within the Unreal Engine. Naturally, opting to learn as we went has lead to some… let’s say sub-par design from a programming standpoint.

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