Dev Blog the 13th - Uninspired Joke About Jason Voorhees

I’m SO tired right now. Holy cow. Why do I always stay up so long before I write these?

I’m sure you’ve guessed that it’s Bites. This week’s dev blog is all art stuff. I can’t even adequately articulate how tired I am, but it’s enough that I won’t be writing any jokes this time around. All I have for you is this awful image that Laurence made a few days ago.

bad image

Let’s get into the update.

Here’s some cool background stuff.

temple ruins palette

Here’s a new World 1 concept that Brandon and I designed. It’s probably going to be replacing our current World 1.
it's pronounced PIE-DOSE

The Armadillo is nearly finished. We’re wrapping up animations now, so expect them ingame pretty soon.
armadillo run

Here’s some new music by the very talented Baycun.

Hopefully, we’ll have some really cool news to share in the next dev update. There’s a lot of very interesting stuff happening behind the scenes.

Thanks for reading! See you on February 15th.