Dev Blog 25 - Is The Witcher A Good Show? I Haven't Watched It So Please Tell Me

Hello, everypony! It’s me, Bites Devastation. Did you hear about that wacky new multiplayer game, Fly Gals? What’s the deal with that, huh?


Okay, I deserve that one. But for real - Fall Guys is awesome. I have been spending almost all my free time playing it with my friends! I can’t wait to see what kinds of new minigames they add to it moving forward. It’s given me a lot of fantastic inspiration, as well.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much to show this time around - we’ve just been focusing on some important back-end stuff. The kind of stuff which is kind of difficult to demonstrate visually…

But I suppose we can share what’s been happening nonetheless! Let’s jump into it.

ComplexPlane has been resuming his typical work on implementing game mechanics. Of the new stuff we have implemented, we now have physically (but not visually…) functioning wormholes, wind volumes, fallout volumes, and goals are working again!

Oh, and I’d personally like to share something new and interesting with you.

Pretty cool. Let’s see what CraftedCart has been up to.

Clearing out cruft

Not a whole lot to say again from me this time round - most of what I’ve been doing has just been a whole lot of plumbing really. Setting up logic for practise mode and arcade mode to say what should happen on-goal, on-fallout, how to load a level when gameplay begins, etc, so we can have some normal gameplay instead of just doing everything in debug menus.

So.. instead of talking about all that boring stuff, how about we take about some different boring stuff instead! …just for a bit.

There has been… a lot of cruft that’s built up over the game’s development. I pretty much started ignoring all the warnings that compiling gave me a long while ago since I couldn’t be bothered to sift through all the deprecation warnings about old code using other old now-replaced code. Only now have I actually started bothering to get rid of the old cruft now that… some other devs on the team got a tad confused and tried using the old stuff that doesn’t work any more.

How does this stuff even accumulate, you ask? Well, at various points during development, it’s just been easier to clean up and re-implement stuff from scratch instead of refitting what we already had to suit needs - a lot of just removal of technical debt really. During this time we still keep the old stuff around - it still needs to be there in order for the game to compile - we just…never removed the old stuff when we were done. ;P

…yeeeah that’s not really a lot huh. Thinking of interesting stuff to write about for dev blog posts is haard when boring ‘ol pluming is what I’ve been mostly doing as of recent. Welp, that’s all from me for now.

Sorry everybody, I was trying to find a good image, but instead my friend Laurence drew this image which is kind of like the image I was looking for.

i'm about to start

Thanks for reading, and see you in September.