Dev Blog 33 - 2021 Tho...?

Another sleepy one today, lads! I’ve just been modding Smash Bros. Melee in my free time.

It’s a fun way to keep my animation skills sharp!

Let’s jump into the update.

So, the big thing is that I’ve been working closely with a friend to bring a new character to the game!

a shapely forme

You can’t see her just yet, but it’s only a matter of time before her proper unveiling…

Apart from that, it’s just been the usual pattern of bug-fixing.

but they still be gettin solved

Not much else to share, I’m afraid. We didn’t even get a CraftedCart writeup this time…
Well, I have reason to believe things will speed up very soon. Look forward to it, please!

who do you think you are i am?

See you all in February.