v0.5.8 - Expert is here!

Life is crazy, and full of curveballs. We’re happy to finally bring the latest and greatest in Rolled Out! technology.
Included in this update is a brand new 100 stage difficulty, uncreatively titled ‘Expert’ - think you can handle it?
We’ve also included a bunch of terrific new features for custom level designers, and of course a slew of fixes.
Please enjoy!


  • Expert difficulty | 100 stages, plus 10 bonus stages
  • Volcano world background | Try to catch your breath.
  • Basic support for non-uniform object scale, including for animated objects. Still a bit broken with scales over 1.0 - stick between 0 and 1!
  • Support for disabling stage tilt on a material
  • Support for seesaw angle limits, and seesaw limit bounciness
  • New stages
    • Lanterns
    • Pills
    • Don’t Look Back
    • Capacitors
    • Forgotten Path
    • Strategy
    • Squeeze By
    • Hideous Hoops
    • These Donuts Are BONKERS!
    • Starfishies
    • Tight Fit
    • Wavy Waves
    • It’s all bowls here.
    • Balancing Act
    • I made this stage for you.
    • Cut Bumps
    • Kerplunk
    • Foos Errand
    • It’s Alive!
    • Q
    • On The Hinge
    • Oblong Hops
    • Flowcones
    • Sitback
    • Argyle
    • Drone
    • Rollermine
    • Balconies
    • Ringsen Thingsen
    • Earthworm
    • Slopeless
    • Super Happy Fun Time Roll Ball
    • Whisked Away
    • Broken Apart
    • More-bius Strip
    • Rockin’ Holes
    • Drum Pedal


  • Stages changed
    • Stacked Floors
    • Bankin’ On It
    • Fighter
    • Bicycle
    • Alternation
    • Linkspin
    • Dipped Wires
    • Poops Table
    • Snakeway
    • I HATE YOU!!!
    • Airtime
    • Hook
    • Structure
    • Self-Recursion
    • Wobbly Wire
    • Clamber
    • Skate Tricks


  • Basic course removed
    All stages are still in the game! Some have been modified and re-used in Expert.


  • The “Visualize Trajectory When Airborne” setting now works
  • Warp icons on the mini leaderboard are now the right colors (instead of looking pastel)
  • F2 to report a bug, then opening the bug report form in browser, now goes to the right page
  • Leaderboard scores now submit if you pause and exit to menu after goaling
  • Fix wormholes and reflections in the bonus world
  • Certain physics constants (friction, seesaws) should now work correctly with altered timescales (i.e. focus mode)