v0.5.7 - New stages and various touch-ups

Oh hey it’s a new Rolled Out! update, would you look at that. Treat yourself to a whole pile of new stages, and some various tweaks and stuff we’ve been doing for the past while.

Yes we know Morris is still invisible, sorry! Patch soon..hopefully. I mean it can’t take 6 months again, right? Yeeah sorry about that - a lot of stuff has happened for me (Alice) in the past several months and (without getting too much into details), I just haven’t had the same kind of time as what I had nearer the start of the year - I haven’t abandoned Rolled Out, promise - this game’s still very much a passion project for all of us and I apologize for not really mentioning this sooner (it’s scary!).

  • Uses Unreal Engine 4.27.2
  • Uses stage config v0.6.0
  • Uses course config v0.2.0


  • Enabled the Unreal Engine console (Press backtick to use it)
  • Stage times are now recorded more precisely (The game still simulates at 120 ticks/second, but on the last tick when crossing the goal, the percentage of the way through the tick in which you crossed the goal is now used for sub-tick precision)
  • There’s a new toggle for manual camera movement, if you prefer to control the camera with a joystick/mouse (Adjust sensitivity in the controls menu)
  • You can now bind DPad inputs, finally
  • Various new stages


  • The main menu now has unique music
  • Quaternions are now normalized when loading a stage config
  • Coins are now placed where their hitbox is, rather than above it
  • Physics have been slightly tweaked
    • Because of this, we are wiping leaderboards for this update. Sorry! This will be the last global leaderboard wipe.
  • Some stages have been tweaked too


  • Removed ambient volume slider (it was never used)
  • Removed “Show level select” input binding (it was also never used aside from some old internal-debug stuff)


  • The speedometer reads --- instead of being empty when going over 999 speed units
  • Fixed issue where changing direction on UI sliders would sometimes skip values
  • The color picker hue goes from 0-1 now, instead of cycling 100 times from 0-100
  • Renamed color picker “lightness” to “value”, since it uses as HSV color model, not HSL
  • Animal voice volume now saves/loads correctly (instead of reusing the announcer voice slider)
  • High-res textures are now loaded in the character picker
  • The Other Realm background is less obnoxiously bright on Linux/Vulkan now
  • Ctrl-Shift-Click to create preview images for an entire arcade course no longer crashes